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Find My Way Back pt. 3

Title: Find My Way Back
Author: scottiegilles
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Luke and Noah.
Word count: 985
Disclaimer: Don’t own characters, am not associated in any way with ATWT, Van and Jake. No offence intended.
Beta: Paul Swanenburg
Summary: set in presant day Luke and Noah live together they have a little girl. But has an accident and has no memory of a Mr. Mayer

Casey waved the shirt in front of him, “Here you go buddy,”

Thanks, can you take Robyn.” He gave Casey the little girl; he slipped into the turquoise memorial staff porter’s polo shirt,

Maybe not the best thing, but it will do for now right if you just hide out in the patients lounge so you don't get mistaken for a porter.” Casey smiled, and tapped Robyn on the nose, she giggled.

So are you supposed to be working?” Noah asked “Sorry that sounded like a blow off; it's not,”

Casey smiled “No I was on the night shift. Robyn's was my last call, I'm training to despatch paramedics but when I heard Luke was hurt I thought I'd stick around to see if he's ok, so what happened?”

It was my fault; I was tickling him and he stepped back and fell down the stairs he hit his head at the bottom” Noah looked at his hands that were covered in Luke's blood “It's all my fault.”

Hey come on Noah; let's get you out of the corridor, somewhere quiet.”

They found an empty patient lounge to sit down in; Casey got 2 cups of water from the water cooler, giving one to Robyn, and one to Noah. He handed Noah the antiseptic wipes to get the blood off his hands. “Come on Noah you can't blame yourself, accidents happen. If we blamed everything that went wrong on ourselves then we would end up the most depressive species ever. I'm not saying you shouldn't take responsibly for any of your actions, but in this case it's not your fault, it's not Luke's fault either. Bad things happen and yeah it sucks, but we just have to live with it. If you blame yourself I'll get Alison to slap you. She may look small but she packs one hell of a punch.”

Noah couldn't help but laugh a little “Thanks Casey.”

It’s ok buddy, I'll see if I can find out how Luke's doing?”

Casey saw Holden and Lily with Faith, Natalie and Ethan in tow. “Hey Snyder's, I was just going to find out how Luke was doing. Noah is in the patients lounge with Robyn.”

Ok, thanks Case, Lily I'll take the kids if you want go and find out how Luke is.”

Holden said “Come on kids, lets go say hi to Noah and Robyn,”

Hey Noah, How are you?” Holden asked, putting Ethan down,

A bit shaken up! You know?” Holden sat next to him and they fell into quiet conversation.

Robyn your hair is really pretty,” Natalie said, “Get Faith to plait it for you”

Ok, do you want a plait?” Faith asked.

Yes please”, Robyn nodded her head.

I got you and Robyn clothes I packed one of Nat's t-shirts but the jeans and trainers are Ethan's I think they would fit better” Holden said handing Noah the set of clothes,

Yeah thanks” Noah smiled

Holden rummaged in the bag again, “I'm really sorry Noah I seem to of left the clothes I put out for you on Luke's bed”

No its ok Casey gave me his spare shirt,” He smiled “Looks like Faith, Nat and Robyn are already playing hairdressers”

Hey Robyn your hair looks pretty!” Noah said, kneeling down in-front of her chair

Robyn smiled “Faith did it for me” She put the braids over each shoulder so Noah could see them better

What do you say to Faith?”

Thank-you,” she beamed.

Good girl Robbie, would you like to change into these cloths and get out of your nightie,” Noah said showing her the clothes Holden had given him.

I'll take her to bathroom if you like, more privacy,” Faith offered

Noah smiled he loved the Snyder's always so willing to help “Thanks that would be great, make sure you stay with her”

As soon as they left Casey came in he looked a little stony faced

What's wrong?!” Noah asked

Luke's in surgery, it may take a few hours, I mean it is his brain,”

Casey, tell me what's wrong!” Noah said again

Casey looked at the floor “They don't know very much right now, they'll know more as they operate and when he wakes up, but there is a risk of brain damage,”

Noah was in shock; so many possibilities ran through his head, “how bad is it?”

Casey shook his head “I don't know”

Well, you asked the doctor you should know!” Noah raised his voice

Noah! I don't! I'm not a doctor I'm just a porter! He told me all this doctor talk and I don't know what it means! Something about a temporal lobe!? It could be umm?”

Tell me Casey!” Noah snapped

ughh? It could effect his memories but the doctors still don't know that much. He's just got into surgery, I'm sure they will tell us more once he's out of surgery, it's just to early to tell”

Ok guys you need to calm down, yelling at each other is not helping” Holden stepped in. Lily had gone to sit with Ethan and Nat.

Dude, calm down ok, I'm going home. I'll get some sleep and when I get back I’ll see how Luke is” Casey said, “Bye Noah, Snyder's” and with that he walked out.

Noah sat down “I'm sorry; I can't stand this!”

Holden comforted him “it's ok Noah, you just need to relax, getting so worked up doesn't help”

I'm so worried about Luke what if he does have brain damage? What am I going to tell Robyn? How am I going to explain?”

Noah, calm down! He may not have brain damage, we don't know. We just have to be patient and see what happens,”

Robyn came running into the room “Daddy, what do you think?”

Noah looked at his beautiful little girl, with to two cow-girl plaits in her hair one over each shoulder, a blue long sleeved top with butterflies and spirals on it then a pair of boys jeans and trainers,

Pretty good sweetie, Come here!” Noah picked her up and spun her round, laughing. He then sat her on his lap and rolled the sleeves of the top up that should fit a 9 year old on a 6 year old went way over her hands,

How long till we see Luke?” she asked

Noah smiled “I don't know Robbie, maybe in a couple of hours,”

I'm still hungry” She said,

Holden and Lily spent a couple of minutes setting up the picnic breakfast; they had everything, cereal, fruit, a flask of juice, bowls, plates and cutlery. They went to the canteen to get milk and coffee.

Thanks so much of this” Noah smiled watching Robyn tuck in to some apple chucks. She nodded her head vigorously, “Robbie don't scoff your food.” Noah smiled. He didn't blame her. It was now 10.30, even he felt like snarffing down.

I want you to plait my hair like Faithy does” Robyn said,

Noah nodded “she'll have to teach me”. He looked over to Faith, who had her head buried in a girly magazine. Ethan was playing with a train with Holden, Lily was sitting with Natalie sharing a banana. He couldn't shift the fact that Luke was missing, it felt like a massive hole in the picture.

Midsummer Night's Dream part 6

Title: Midsummers Night's Dream
Author: scottiegilles
Rating: 18
Word Count: 1509
Artist: scottiegilles/ sorry some of the pictures look a bit weird trying to fit casey's head on to luke or noah's body is harder than i thought
Disclaimer: no copyright infringement i don't own any of the characters they belong to As the world turns and CBS and story originally Shakespeare.
Beta: Ashavan Doyon huge thanks goes out to him!!!
Summary: The story of Midsummers Night's dream based in Oakdale.

Hermia: Noah Mayer
Lysander: Reid Oliver
Helena: Luke Snyder
Demtius: Casey Hughes
Puck: Ethan Snyder
Oberon: Holden Snyder
Titania: Lily Snyder
Theseus: John Dickson
Hippolitta: Lucinda Walsh

Part 6.

Casey and Noah came though the front entrance of Metro.

When he finally had the chance of having you to himself he ran away.” Casey is saying.

He would never leave me” Noah says back in defence.

It's me who will never leave you.”

Casey if you had any feeling at all, you would tell me what you've done to him!” he says forcibly making eye contact with Casey.

Casey holds Noah's gaze “I wish I had hurt him I really do...but I haven't...I didn't.”

Noah believes him. He bites his lip not wanting to ask the next question, “Will you help me find him?”

Casey breathes out,“ Just let him go we're better off without him!”

There is no we!” Noah retorts he walks away from Casey and out of Metro,

GRR!” Casey moans putting his head in his hands.

Holden clicks his fingers everything stops; the music, the people, the clock everything suspends in time. Holden points to Casey “Did you drug this man?”

Ethan acts innocent, “No. I drugged the young wet bloke like you said,”

Holden is still pointing at Casey, “This is the young wet bloke I was talking about.”

Ethan walks right up Casey “Is it?!” He turns back to Holden “he's as dry as a bone!”

That's not the kind of wet I meant!” Holden says shaking his head, “Is Puck short for Puck Up, this man is still in love with Noah!”

alright... alright, mistake. No need to fly off the handle.”

Holden extends his hand “Just give me more love juice or I will give you a bath!”

NO! Here you go,” Ethan gave him the bottle.

I'll handle Casey.” Holden points to the bathroom door “You get Luke and Reid and get this sorted... Now...and Ethan, no one gets hurt,”

Ethan hurries off “ok I'm on it.”

Holden walks up to Casey he sits him down on a bar stool “Now this will make you see who your true love really is,” Holden dips the liquid in to Casey's eyes before lowering his head on to the bar.

You and Ethan are standing in the bathroom. Luke and Reid are caught mid argument,

So which one do you wanna take? I may be magic but I can't carry both, I'll take Luke” and with that he picks Luke up by the knees, Luke's torso folds over Ethan's small shoulders, Ethan tries to walk out the bathroom door with Luke's body but 5 yr old was struggling with holding Luke's body, he puts him on the floor and grabs Luke's ankles and drags him out the bathroom, you take Reid's prone body and sit him on a table facing Luke.

Ethan turns to you wiping his hands together. “Thing about the old love juice it's a regular roller-coaster.” He walks to hide behind the bar, Holden clicks his fingers everything returns to real time. Holden then disappears. “The problem with Holden is he's to vain to believe any of his plans can go wrong.” Ethan says, from your hideout you watch the scene unfold.

It all makes sense! don't you see? It's perfect!” Reid continues his conversation with Luke,

I don't know what your getting out of this but I'd like it too stop...” Luke asks.

Casey lifts his head at the sound of Luke's voice

Now this will make you see who your true love really is,”

He looks over and sees beautiful wavy blonde hair, intense brown eyes, soft lips and perfect cheek bones. “He's perfect, Luke Snyder is perfect” thinks Casey.

Casey loves Noah and doesn't love you!” Reid says,

At the same moment Noah walks back into Metro realising that Reid could have been in the bathroom,

Reid!” Noah is relived to see him. “What are you doing here? Where did you go? Why did you leave me alone like that?”

Reid says firmly “I had better things to do,”

What?” Noah double takes.

So your in on it too,” Luke looks accusingly at Noah.

Noah is clueless, “What's going on?”

oh very good Noah,” Luke had had enough. “What is it about you that always needs an audience! What gives you the right to treat me like this!”

Ethan turns to you making a pained face, “Ouch that's gotta hurt!”

Will someone please tell me what's going on!” Noah asks again,

Reid stood up and announces “I love Luke...”

Ethan snorts and covers his mouth to stop himself from bursting into laughter.

...and he loves me.” Reid continues.

Noah laughs, “Don't be stupid!”

Reid sits next to Luke and stares intently into his face, Luke sits back rolling his eyes.

Luke?” Noah asks smile dropping like a tonne of bricks.

I don't love Reid! you know I don't!” Luke says,

Casey walks over to the table, “That's right because Luke loves me he always has! Haven't you?...”

Whoops!” Ethan says still stifling laughter.

and I've always known it, sort of and now I see it,” Casey is grinning he tries to take Luke's hand, “I see it...”

Reid pushes him away. “Get your hands off and go back to Noah,”

Reid!” Noah almost shouts.

It's you that I want” Casey looks into Luke perfect eyes, ignoring the tears of confusion that spills out from them.

Ethan turns to you “Are you following this? Noah dumps Casey for Reid, I love juice Reid and he falls in love with Luke, Luke loves Casey and Casey loved Noah but now he's been loved juiced he loves Luke. You can't write this stuff! Can you?”

And when did this remarkable change of heart come about?” Luke asks

You know I think I first realised at Gwen and Will's leaving party, that time we kissed!”

That was years ago! Why are you dragging that up?” Luke glanced at Noah who looked shocked,

Well it was before Noah, but part of me knew even then,” Casey spoke hurriedly, “but it's taken me till now to realise what my heart has always known...what your heart has always known,”

Ethan is still giggling “that Casey is a right old poet when he gets going! You write this stuff and sell it!”

Casey reaches for Luke's hand again,

Get off my boyfriend!” Reid says picking Casey up by his collar and punching him. 32 Reid and Casey fight

You and Ethan watch them fight.

Luke and Noah start arguing too.

you can hear Noah “All this time you pretend to be a friend with his nose stuck in a book...Friend! Some friend! And I don't know what he sees in you!” Noah points at Casey, “What does he see in you?! Money and a snazzy wardrobe! And I guess being blonde really helps too right?!...” Noah trying to continue but Luke cuts in

...Or perhaps it was to get way from the constant talk of boring old movies!”Luke retorts

You take that back! You two faced kaniving little Bitch!” Noah stands up grabbing Luke's hair,33 Luke and Noah fight

Reid and Casey stop fighting and run to Luke pulling Noah off him. Luke took his chance and ran out of Metro, Reid and Casey were in close pursuit. You hear Casey scream “He's mine!”

Ethan is red in the face from laughing he clutches his sides still giggling “You wanted to see a punch up...I wanted to see a punch up... Holden has this nobody gets hurt thing going on! What you gunna do?”

Find my Way Back part 2

Title: Find My Way Back
Author: scottiegilles
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Luke and Noah.
Word count: 985
Disclaimer: Don’t own characters, am not associated in any way with ATWT, Van and Jake. No offence intended.
Beta: Paul Swanenburg
Summary: set in presant day Luke and Noah live together they have a little girl. But has an accident and has no memory of a Mr. Mayer

Part 2

Luke!” Noah ran down the stairs “Oh my God! Luke! Luke, Luke, Luke, Come on wake up” He sat on the floor cradling Luke's prone body “Come on, wake up and I'll let you call me Bubby forever, Luke!”

A small 6 year old girl with long red hair and a nightie, came out of her room. The commotion had woken her. “Daddy? Daddy, I heard shouting. DAD!” she screamed when she saw Noah holding an unconscious Luke with a deep gash in his head.

Robyn!” Noah had to shout over her screams “ROBYN LILY!”, she quieted down “Robyn...Robyn honey it's ok, it's ok, Luke had a fall, and I need to you be a very brave girl and call ambulance, so they can help him ok? Can you do that for me?” His voice was quiet but confident.

Robyn nodded and slowly went to the upstairs phone. She looked at the piece of paper stuck to the wall under the phone, “In an emergency call this number: 911” it was written in Noah's meticulous handwriting, for such an occasion as this.

9.1.1” She said aloud as her stubby fingers pressed in buttons. Her heart was racing.

Oakdale Emergency, what your emergency?” a woman's calm voice said.

umm...umm...umm My dad had a fall, he cut his head and he's not moving. And, and , and umm...Daddy is sitting with him,” Robyn said quickly trying to stay calm and brave for her Daddy.

The operators voice soften a little the girl sounded very young, “Ok sweetheart, I'll put you through to Memorial Hospital.

No! I need an ambulance!” Robyn shouted but the phone beeped back at her. “Do I put the phone back on the hook? Do I stay on the phone? What do I do?!” her head spun with questions.

Hello Memorial Hospital what's your emergency?” a man's voice said

Robyn started to cry she did not know what to do “I told the woman...” she sniffed

Ok, but can you tell me what happened?” the man's voice was consoling

umm my daddy fell down the stairs he …. he hit his head he's bleeding! He might be dying!” Robyn said quickly, trying not to shout down the phone.

my name is Casey Hughes, what's yours?” the girl needed calming down

Robyn Mayer, with a Y”

as in Noah Mayer’s daughter?!” Casey was surprised,

Yes but it's not him that fell it was my other dad Luke, I have two dad's” Robyn said quickly

Are you at home?” Casey asked

yes we are, Noah's home,” Robyn said

ok I know where you live, so we'll send an ambulance right over to you now, Robyn, Well done you were very brave,”

Thanks mister!” Robyn smiled through her tears putting the phone back on its hook. She could hear Noah talking quietly to Luke,

Is he dead?” She asked, she descended slowly having tight grip of the banister

No sweetie, he’s alive but he’s been knocked back to sleep. Can you do me a favour Robyn can you grab a clean cloth from the drawer and some water.” Noah stroked Luke's hair it was getting matted by blood. Strands of hair were starting to clump together, blood tricked across Luke's forehead. His heart was racing, he felt like freaking out any minute but Robyn was be being very brave for him, so he was going to be very brave for her.

hey Luke, did you hear that? Robyn called an ambulance and they are on their way you are going to be ok, I promise. She's being a little trooper I'm so proud of her.” Noah heard sirens, “Thank God! See Luke the ambulance is here you’re going to be ok.”

There was a loud knock at the door. “It's open!” Noah yelled. “oh thank God you’re here!”

Sir, can I ask you so step away, so we can work” the paramedic said. “I'm Jonas and this is Toby”, he said indicating his work partner. “How did he fall?”

Luke, I'm right here for you, I'm not going any where.” He stood up carefully and addressed the paramedics question, “Umm we were at the top of the stairs and he took a step backwards and fell down the stairs, he hit his head on the skirting board.”

Jonas and Toby were looking over Luke's form “Unconscious, Breathing is regular, Pulse count is 65 safe pulse, blood pressure is 160 over 100 is a little high, possible injuries to back and neck, Ok we'll need the stretcher and head restraint.” Jonas ordered. Toby ran to the ambulance.

Daddy? What's happening” Robyn had a glass of water and a towel in her hands.

Noah took the items off her and placed them on the table he picked her up “Well Toby and Jonas are the doctors who are taking Luke to hospital to fix the bump on his head”

Her eyes started to well up as she watched the paramedics putting bandages around Luke's head and moving him on to the gurney “Daddy I'm scared.” she buried her head in his shoulder

I know you are honey, I know. But he's going to be ok.” Noah rubbed her back soothingly as they wheeled Luke out to the back of the ambulance. He followed.

Sorry Sir, only one person can ride in the back of the ambulance.” Toby stopped Noah from climbing in.

But I can't leave her here she's 6! And I’m not leaving Luke either. She can sit on my lap.” Noah tried to stay calm for Robyn's sake

Sorry Sir. Health and safety regulations, we can only have one person. You can follow us in your car,” Noah knew it was pointless fighting, the longer he spent arguing with the paramedics the longer it would take to get Luke to the hospital.

Noah strapped Robyn in her car seat, she was still in her nightie, “You’re my brave little girl, ok” Noah kissed her forehead “I'm so proud of you.”

Noah jumped in the front and drove to Memorial. The ambulance had already gone.

Hi I'm Noah Mayer. My boyfriend just came in the Ambulance, his name is Luke Snyder, where is his room?” he hurriedly ask the front desk.

I'm sorry Mr Mayer, they haven't designated a room, either he's just going though processing or he's been wheeled straight into surgery. But we will do our best to keep you posted.” The receptionist said eyeing up Noah's bare chest.

Robyn tugged on his arm “I'm hungry, can we have some breakfast?”

Noah bent down so he was level with her. “I'm sorry honey, I don't have any money on me. I need to call Aunty Lily and Uncle Holden and tell them what happened, ok?” He stood up to talk to the receptionist again “Can I borrow a phone?”

Hello Snyder Farm... Ethan! Give that piece of toast back to Faith, Ethan. Sorry about that,”

Noah smiled remember all the hectic breakfast's he had while living at Snyder Farm,

Umm Hi Holden,”

Hey Noah you don't sound to happy what's up?”

Luke had a fall and we’re at the hospital now...” Noah started but he was interrupted.

What!? Is he badly hurt?” Holden asked. He looked at Lily.

He hit his head it's was bleeding badly, I think he's in surgery now”

Holden nodded “Ok we’re coming down to meet you; is there anything you need?”

Yes actually, Robyn and I need a set of clothes, I hate to ask but Robyn hasn't had any breakfast and I don't have any money,” Noah sounded a little sheepish.

Ok, Noah, don't worry about it. What ever you need ok, we will be right over, you don't mind if the kids come too? Emma is ill with a bug and Lucinda is in Chicago,”

No, it might be a good idea. It will give Robyn someone to play with. I think there will be a lot of waiting around.”

You know Noah, try not to worry. I know it is hard. However, Luke is really tough. He will be all right. Well we have to go get ready, we will meet you soon. Luke's going to be ok, He's a Snyder.”

Noah gave a smile “Thanks Holden”

Noah got off the phone with Holden and looked around for Robyn, “Robyn? ...Robyn!?” he looked round franticly, trying to spot her bright auburn locks. He saw her talking to some man with blonde hair crouched down to talk to her, his back was to Noah to he couldn't see his face.

What you doing?! Get away from her!” Noah pushed the man he fell on the floor; Noah was shocked to see it was Casey. “Casey I'm sorry!” Noah offered a hand to help him up. “I'm really sorry,” he picked up Robyn.

No it's ok, I totally get it.” Casey shrugged it off. “I saw Robyn wandering around and you on the phone so I was just telling her how brave she was on the phone to me.” He looked at Noah's bare chest and bloody hands. “Do you want a shirt; I have a spare in my locker.”

Yes please, I'm getting really weird looks. Everyone either thinks I'm crazy or hot.”

Casey laughed, “I'll be right back with a shirt and some wipes for your hands”. He walked off to his locker.

Noah spoke to Robyn “Robbie you scared me then, don't wander off ok? Hospitals are dangerous. You have to stay with me at all times or stay in Luke's room.”

Where is Luke's room?” Robyn asked,

Noah finally cracked, he tighten his grip on Robyn. “God, I don't know!” he said exasperated. She squirmed; he loosened the grip “Robbie I'm sorry”

You’re scared too,” Robyn said quietly burying her head in his shoulder

Yes sweetie I am, but we got to be brave and strong” Noah stoked her hair softy

Like Luke?”

Yeah like Luke.”

Find my way back

Title: Find My Way Back
Author: scottiegilles
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Luke and Noah.
Word count: 985
Disclaimer: Don’t own characters, am not associated in any way with ATWT, Van and Jake. No offence intended.
Beta: Paul Swanenburg
Summary: set in presant day Luke and Noah live together they have a little girl. But has an accident and has no memory of a Mr. Mayer
Prompt: "Swifter,Faster, Stronger"
Prompter: Anne Nicholls (i don't know ppl nic names)
Prompting: Gillian Haw
With the prompt of: Fluffer the Stuffer Sequel


You know it's rude to stare,” Luke said not opening his eyes.

Noah giggled; he'd been watching his boyfriend sleep in the early morning light coming in though the curtains. He kissed Luke's nose.

Coffee?” he asked as he climbed out of bed,

Luke grunted, “Yes please bub.” He opened his eyes to see Noah's naked butt climb into sleep shorts. “Yum he is so perfect,” Luke thought happily,

Noah stumbled down stairs rubbing sleep out of his eyes, he shuffled to the kitchen, filling the kettle with water and turning the radio on.

A typical day in the life of Noah Mayer and Luke Snyder. Noah checked the calendar, Thursday 14th June 2012, 2 weeks till Robyn's birthday. Noah thought about what to get her as he took two cups out, two spoons of coffee in each, two spoons of sugar in each and a splat of milk in both, add water and stir, recipe to a perfect morning wake up.

Noah made his way up the stairs, back to their room. Luke had fallen back to sleep. Noah gave a cheeky grin and put the coffee on the dresser by the door. He then ran at the bed and lept on top of Luke.

OHH you bitch!” Luke groaned as Noah lay on top of him. He tried to sit up but Noah didn't move, “Fat ass move!” he awkwardly got a hand free and spanked Noah's ass. “Hello! Someone likes that!” Luke said as he felt Noah's hard on through the duvet press into his stomach.


Noah giggled; he loved mornings like this when it was just them two aloud to be there childish-selves, he kissed Luke on the lips.

Ummm what was that for?” Luke asked,

Noah gave a goofy smile, “I don’t know? Just being you”


Get off me you fat log, we can shower together before Sunshine wakes up.” Luke tried to get up again with Noah still on him. “Noah, get off !!”


Noah crawled off him, Luke groaned as a knee went in his stomach. “Sorry,” Noah mumbled. He helped Luke off the bed; they grabbed towels and headed to the bathroom.

Noah started the shower while Luke brushed his teeth, a weird trait of his to brush his teeth before and after breakfast. Noah smiled.

What?” Luke said muffled, mouth filled with tooth paste foam.

What?” Noah imitated,

Shut up!” Luke grinned,

Shut up!” Noah copied.

You know that is not funny, how childish are you?” Tooth paste foam dribbled over Luke's chin, “I don’t know why I live with you, your so.... ” Luke carried on talking with his toothbrush in his mouth, but it became inaudible nonsense.

Noah climbed out the shower; he went over to Luke and picked him up.

What are you doing? No! Noah I'm not ready! NO!” Luke squealed as Noah climbed back under the shower with Luke in his arms. “You’re a bitch do you know that!” as water ran over his face, Luke hit Noah on the head with his toothbrush.

They showered writing silly messages to each other on the wall with the soap, 10 minutes later Noah shut off the water. Luke shook his wet hair like a dog, showering the whole room in water droplets.

Luke got out the shower, he grinned he picked both his and Noah's towels and wrapped them round his body.

Funny Luke(!) Give it to me,” Noah asked

No! Nah-ha, hehehehehe” he gave Noah his, “you know I'm adorable” giggle. Noah grinned and started to tickle Luke,

No!” Luke started to laugh “No, Noah!” he tried to swiftly dodge Noah, “Stop! Please!” He was still laughing trying to move so Noah couldn't catch him. But Noah was faster and stronger he didn't let Luke get a way that easy.

Luke's knees hit the bath tub, they buckled and he fell backwards into the bath. A look of shock crossed his features, and then he burst out laughing, “Your face Noah!”

Give that here!” He plucked a towel away from Luke. Luke scrambled out of the bath and they dried and changed, Noah back into his sleep shorts and Luke into a pair of Noah's sweat pants, they where huge on him and the hem dragged on the floor.

Luke spun a towel and flicked at Noah's legs. Noah grinned and yanked on it, Luke pulled back, and Noah slipped on the water on the floor and pushed Luke against the sink.

Remember last time when this happened,” Luke whispered.

Maddie walked in; this time it will be Robyn,”

Luke shook his head, “Not before I do this,” He kissed him hard pushing his tongue into Noah's mouth exploring, across his teeth under his tongue and over the roof of his mouth.

Noah jabbed his finger into Luke's side.

Ah! You bitch!” Luke said, Noah started to tickle him again relentlessly, “No Noah! Stop!” Luke escaped and ran into the hall. “Noah! Stop, please, NO no no no no!!!!” Luke was caught in a fit of giggles, as Noah reached him and tickled him “Shhh! We'll wake up Robyn Stop...please..AHHH!!” he let out a high pitched scream “Noah!” Luke took a step back. On to a step that wasn't there.


Luke!” Noah shouted out to warn him. It was to late Luke fell backward, he tried to reach for Noah's hand but their fingers slid past each other. Noah was in shock as he saw his boyfriend tumble over and over further down the stairs like a rag doll. Luke’s head hit the skirting board at the bottom of the stairs with an ugly thud. Blood started to seep into his blonde hair.

Somone Like You

this is my short Neid or Nuke? not sure bit of both, hope you like

Title: Someone Like You
Author: scottiegilles
Rating: 12
Word Count: ???
Disclaimer: no copyright infringement i don't own any of the characters they belong to As the world turns and CBS.
Summary: Adele Song in a story. Noah and Reid have been together for 5 years but Noah ends up in Oakdale and visits an old friend

Someone Like You

Noah knocked on the door nervously, he hadn't stood at this door step in 5 years. After a couple of beats the door opened. Noah didn't look up. After all this time he wondered what Luke looked like whether he had Brown or Blonde hair whether it was long or short. There was silence then the soft voice that sounded the same 5 years on spoke he sounded shocked or scared or both that surprised Noah he expected him to be angry

“Noah?” Luke voice said

“hey” Noah said but his voice got stuck in his throat he coughed

“how are you?” Noah could here the smile in Luke's voice “What are you doing here?”

“umm? Just passing though. Me and Reid are on our way to Bay City we thought we stop by and say hi”

“oh ok where's Reid he's welcome to come in”

“he's with Katie ” Noah said awarkedly “we didn't think it wouldn't be so good if you saw us together”

“No your probably right” Luke said “Well do you wanna come in?” Noah looked up for the first time he saw Luke for the first time in 5 years, he hadn't changed that much in 5 years, his hair was blonde and swept back like it had been when they lived together, before it all went wrong. His eyes were the same intense brown

“uum sure” Noah walked though the front door everything was pretty much the same the only differnce there was not the old cluter of childrens toys and the photo's on the mantle piece

“is this Ethan! Wow he grown up” Noah looked at the picture

“yeah he's going to be 10 soon I can't believe it and that's Natalie she's 14” Luke pointed to the pituctre of a girl with long blonde hair

“she looks like Lily” Noah said “Hows faith?”

“Ah! Yeah ...well she umm ….it's a long story I don't wanna talk about it...” Luke trialed off and looked at the floor “So how about you? I mean what's been happening with you,”

“well I got a job working at a TV station in Chicago and it's going great I'm loving at all the people are amazing! And Reid works at the hospital he go chief of staff,”

“wow cool good for him” Luke nodded “do you want a coffee?”

“yeah please milk two sugars...”

Luke held up his hand “i know what you like” they both stopped and looked at each other it suddenly felt like they were back in WOAK Luke was tying Noah's tie they looked deep into each others eyes

“i better go... put the kettle on” Luke turned towards the kitchen he stumbled over his feet and bump into the door frame “theres a door there.” he said with a smile trying to cover his embarrassment,

Noah sat on the sofa he noticed a picture of a wedding Lily in a beautiful white dress. Holden, Luke and Ethan in dashing gray suits and Natalie and Faith dressed in amazing sliver, “Wow your parents got married again”

“What?... oh yeah” Luke smiled “kettles just boiling...i see there not the only ones” Luke was looking at Noah's hand and the wedding band.

“Yeah me and Reid got married last year” Noah said with a nervous cough

“congratulations” Luke said then cursed himself It had sounded forced

“yeah we did want to invite you but your Ex marring your other Ex is hardly what you want to see”

Luke tried to keep his cool it was the first time him and Noah had seen or even spoken to each other in 5 years he didn't want to turn it into an augment “I think you right I think that is the second last thing I want to see,”

Noah knew what he was talking about when he said the 2nd worst thing the worst thing was when Luke had gone to Reid and Kaite's apartment to surprise Reid when he got home. To find Reid and Noah in bed together.

“Look at us Noah. Your married, you have a house, and job, you probably have a dog too. You have someone you love, sound like all your dreams came true. And look at me, turning 27, single, alone, I still live my parents!”

“why don't you move out?” Noah says

“I've tried but living by yourself sucks, you get so lonely”

“have you tried looking for someone?” Noah askes

“Noah. One that is none of your business. Two.... ” Luke stops and gives off a short laugh “i'm not going to give you reason two you probably know!”

“ok sorry” Noah said

Luke started quietly “i havn't fallen in love I can't do it cos everytime I get close I'm reminded of you, or Reid and then the both of you! Together! I can't fall in love for me Noah this isn't over... I would love to find someone too love me that I could love back,”

Noah looked at the floor

Luke carried on, “i was thinking about us the other day all that time that flew by how happy we were when you came back from Rome I flung my arms around and gave to a kiss I remember thinking I want to be like this for ever Luke and Noah against the world, nothing compared to those moments all the worries and cares didn't matter cos we knew we could get though it together and any mistakes didn't matter cos we had each other.”

Luke sat limply on the sofa “god that came out so cheesy! I'm sorry Noah forget I said anything”

Noah was stung he didn't know what to do or say “it's ok Luke it's really ok”

Luke's eyes prickled he sniffed and coughed to clear his mind. He had dreamed about this day for so long when he would see Noah. Luke had missed him despite everything he felt Noah's warmth next to him. An old habbit grew inside of him and he slipt sideways and rested his head on Noah's shoulder.

He suddenly jumped up apologising “i'm sorry Noah sorry” as he got up and tried to move away his legs felt like jelly he tried to take a step tripped over the coffee table sending coffee cups flying he felt the hot liquid seep into his shirt it started to the burn stung but he was to embarrassed to move

“Luke are you ok?” Noah tried to help Luke up

“Don't touch me!” Luke sat up then stopped “I'm sorry Noah I'm really sorry”

“Luke you have nothing to apologise for, nothing!” Noah sat opposite him “it's ok I was scared too coming back here I didn't know how I'd react seeing you at least I had a while car journey to think about what I was going to say...it's all ok Luke” Noah got up and got some tissues gave them to Luke

“Thank you” Luke's voice was quiet he dabbed at his eyes wiping the mix of Coffee and tears away
“god i'm such a state”

Noah looked at the younger man. At his blonde hair now with damp splashes of brown, he sighed “I'm sorry too, I shouldn't of come here, I should go”

“No! No, I want you to stay... please” Luke took Noah's hand and looked deep into his eyes. “Noah...I want you to do something for me” Luke's voice was husky “Be happy, with Reid with your stupid dog and I hope that you stay happy together. And please Noah don't forget me if you ever need someone to talk to or not talk just to sit with, I'm right here, I don't want you to avoid me”

“Luke I...” Noah's voice cracked

Luke shushed him “sometimes love lasts sometimes it just hurts... and we were hurting each other Noah you pushed me away and then I pushed back. But then oh pushed a lot harder. We both made mistakes and we both have regrets but they are distant memories. And it doesn't matter Noah it doesn't matter.”

Noah sniffed and smiled

“What's funny?” Luke asked

“did you get that out of a song?”

Luke playfully slapped him “your such a jerk!....it was Adele.”

Both boys fell about laughing.

Midsummer Night's Dream pt5.

Midsummer Night's Dream pt4

Title: Midsummers Night's Dream
Author: scottiegilles
Rating: 12
Word Count: 1509
Artist: scottiegilles/ sorry some of the pictures look a bit weird trying to fit casey's head on to luke or noah's body is harder than i thought
Disclaimer: no copyright infringement i don't own any of the characters they belong to As the world turns and CBS and story originally Shakespeare.
Beta: Ashavan Doyon huge thanks goes out to him!!!
Summary: The story of Midsummers Night's dream based in Oakdale.

Hermia: Noah Mayer
Lysander: Reid Oliver
Helena: Luke Snyder
Demtius: Casey Hughes
Puck: Ethan Snyder
Oberon: Holden Snyder
Titania: Lily Snyder
Theseus: John Dickson
Hippolitta: Lucinda Walsh

Luke sits on the window sill in his room, staring out the window. He tries to wrap his head around all that has happened. His best friend Noah is in love with another man. And he hadn't told Luke, or anyone. He feels so sorry for Casey. He lets out a soft sigh.

He sees Casey walking down the garden path towards his car with his overnight bag in his hand. Luke runs out of his room, down the stairs and catches up with Casey just by his car.

“Casey!” Luke calls breathless. “Please why don't you stay?”

“My boyfriend just walked out on me. Do you really think I want to stay here?”

Luke desperately wants Casey to stay, and he tries to find the words to say so. “No I'm not suggesting you get over it. It's just I'd like you to stay.”

“Why would anyone what to spend a weekend with stupid old me!” Casey says throwing down his bag in disgust.

“You're not stupid.” It hurts Luke to see him this upset.

“Who's he gonna pick? Stupid me, or the glamorous smooth talker who can do the love talk?”

“Words aren't everything,” says Luke, taking a step towards Casey.

“Yes, they are and I should have said them when I had the chance.”

“What sort of things?” Luke takes another step closer to the guy he loves.

“That I need him, that I can't live without him,” Casey's looks at Luke with eyes full of sadness and hurt.

Luke just wants to hold and comfort him forever. “That would have been nice,” Luke says, unable just at that moment to find other words to convey his sympathy.

“Ah! What's the point! I can't turn the clock back.”

Luke takes another step towards Casey. “It's not over yet.” He's close now, standing so that they're almost touching. Luke tries to reach out a hand but Casey moves away.

“That's just it. It's very much over,” Casey picks up his bag and turns back to the car.

“Wait!...What if I told you where you can find him?” asked Luke. “You could say those things.”

John has no choice. he has to go back to the house and face Lucinda. He has his key in the lock, taking a deep breath as he turns the key. Lucinda reclines on the sofa cradling a glass of wine and reading a book, ignoring him.

“Couldn't find Noah anywhere,” he says defeated. “Completely disappeared.”

“Nice to see you took my words of wisdom to heart,” she says, not looking up from her book.

“Have you just been sitting here all this time?” John asks. “He could be in another state by now!”

“If he's got any sense he will be.”

“Lucinda, there are people who make things happen, and there are people who let things happen to them...” John starts.

“...and there are people who shout and get nowhere,” interrupts Lucinda, looking up from her book. “I told you not to go after Noah.”

“How does he know we care,” says John, “if we don't go after him.” He then walks out of the lounge before Lucinda can say another word.

“They're probably laughing at me right now,” says Casey.

Casey and Luke are walking though the woodlands behind Lucinda's house.

Luke feels bad about misleading Casey. He knows Noah and Reid are at the Lakeview, but... Luke wants this time, would do anything for just a little more time with Casey Hughes.

“Don't say that. Nobody's laughing at you,” Luke says in an attempt to reassure his friend.

“Oh aren't they?”

“You might not say much but...I bet your a very deep thinker” very deep thinker really? Luke curses himself. Why can't he be better at finding the right words?

Casey is silent for a moment before he responds. “You don't know what I'm thinking,” he says, raising an eyebrow.

Luke is melting in Casey's company. He tries to cover his feelings with a laugh. “See and you can be funny.” They continue walking. Luke's eyes are captured by the sight of Casey, and he can't stop looking.

“Yeah, well you're the only one who seems to share my sense of humour.”

“Well, sometimes I think people might find you a bit hard to approach... you just need to relax a bit.” Luke subtly moves closer to Casey.

“I can't,” says Casey, looking at the ground and shaking his head.

“You relax with me,” says Luke.

“Yeah but that's different, you make it easy.”

Luke's heart takes flight and he smiles. “You're a lot of fun to be around Casey, don't let anybody tell you different.”

Casey stops walking. “Why can't Noah see any of this,” he asks.

Luke shrugs. “Perhaps he doesn't know where to look?”

Noah lays in the bed, wrapped tight in Reid's arms.

“I want to remember this forever. This will always be our sky,” Reid whispers in Noah's ear, “our night... our stars.”

Noah smiles and kisses Reid. His mouth is warm and the caress of his lips is soft on Noah's lips.

Luke looks at his watch. It's late and he just wants more time, just a little more time with Casey.

“Can I ask you something? Did you know about Noah and Reid before tonight?” asks Casey.

“No” Luke says firmly. “I promise, I didn't. If I had known, I would of told you straight away.”

Casey turns to face him. “Would you?”

“Of course,” Luke insists. “I never want to see you hurt...I care about you.”

Ethan magics you away from Java. You are in woodland. It's late at night and you see Luke and Casey talking.

Luke walks towards you, even though he can't see you. You watch their conversation unfold.

“Oh, yeah course, and I care about you too,” Casey is saying.

Luke smiles and dips his head, suddenly feeling self-conscious. He trips and falls over a root.

“Are you all right?” Casey asks, worried and bending down to help.

“Yeah I think so...”

“Here let me have a look,” says Casey, lifting Luke's trouser leg. His hands brush against the soft hairs on Luke's legs, the feeling sending a shiver down Luke's spine.

“I'm fine...” Luke trails off. He looks deep into Casey's eyes, blue pools that seem to glimmer even at night in the dark. They have a second, both of them totally transfixed by the act of staring into each others eyes. Luke leans forward, Casey matching the movement, and their lips touch softly. Luke tugs lightly on Casey's bottom lip, the kiss becoming deeper, more passionate. Luke runs his hands though Casey's hair. Casey flicks his tongue across Luke's teeth asking, begging for access further into Luke's mouth and Luke obliges as the feeling of Casey's tongue exploring his mouth, running across his teeth drives him crazy.

Oh Casey!” He whispers.

Casey suddenly stops, pulling back, and Luke leans his head against Casey's chin.

“What's wrong?” Luke asks, dreading an answer, “no, no, no, no!” his brain screams at him.

“No...no-no-no sorry this is all wrong, I-I-I...” Casey stammers, “I-I... I can't... What am I doing?” Casey still holds the sides of Luke's face gently in his hands.

“I'm sorry. I don't know what...we just got carried away...or-or crossed wires or mixed signals. I'm sorry ...I'm sorry.” Luke holds onto Casey's muscular arms.

Casey is silent for amount before speaking again. “You didn't trip on purpose, did you?”

“No,” Luke says, “Of course not!” He looks into Casey's face, then, not able to hold his gaze, he looks away.

“You don't want me to back with Noah, do you?” Casey asks, quietly letting go of Luke's face.

“I want to you be happy,” Luke replies, still clutching Casey's arms.

“I bet you don't even know where he is! I bet you just tricked me here so you can throw yourself at me.”

“No! That's not true! I'm here because I couldn't bear to see you so hurt.” Luke bites his lips, trying not to cry. “Let's just forget what happened and try to find Noah.”

“I'm NOT falling for that trick again!” Casey looks disgusted. he stands up, Luke still holding his arms.

“Don't come anywhere near me,” says Casey. “I feel sick just to look at you.” Casey moves away as Luke tries to stand up. Luke loses his balance and falls back on the ground again, as Casey walks off without a glance back.

Luke kneels on the ground, his head down and resting on his arms. Ethan, you and Holden look on watching Luke.

“I can see you,” you hear Luke say as he looks up and stares directly at the three of you. “I can see you” he says again.

Part 5 ---> http://scottiegilles.livejournal.com/1865.html

Midsummer Nights Dream pt2

Title: Midsummers Night's Dream
Author: scottiegilles
Rating: ???
Word Count: 1509
Artist: scottiegilles/ sorry some of the pictures look a bit weird trying to fit casey's head on to luke or noah's body is harder than i thought
Disclaimer: no copyright infringement i don't own any of the characters they belong to As the world turns and CBS and story originally Shakespeare.
Beta: Ashavan Doyon huge thanks goes out to him!!!
Summary: The story of Midsummers Night's dream based in Oakdale.

Hermia: Noah Mayer
Lysander: Reid Oliver
Helena: Luke Snyder
Demtius: Casey Hughes
Puck: Ethan Snyder
Oberon: Holden Snyder
Titania: Lily Snyder
Theseus: John Dickson
Hippolitta: Lucinda Walsh

Part 2

“He's with me,” Noah says. Everyone is silent, stunned, their eyes fixed on Noah and on Reid.

“What?” John doesn't believe this is happening, he can't believe it.

“He's with me,” Noah repeats, louder and with a soft smile at Reid.

Ethan clicks his fingers and you are standing in a living room. John, Lucinda, Casey, and Luke all stand around quizzing Reid and Noah about their relationship, trying to understand just what is going on.

“I mean who is he! What is he to you!” John paces back and forth as he speaks.

“Reid and me, we love each other very much,” Noah says, trying to avoid the open heartbreak in Casey's eyes.

“Don't be stupid, you cannot mean...” starts John.

“We do mean it,” Reid interrupts, a tinge of fierce protective anger in his voice. “If there had been any other way of doing it...”

John laughs. “Well let me think!? Maybe if you jump on the table and start dancing!”

“John please don't,” implores Noah.

“Noah?” says Casey, speaking for the first time, “What is going on here?” He is struggling to come to terms with everything that is happening. Luke sees the heartbreak there, the heart that Noah is busy trying not to see and feels so sorry for Casey.

Angry, John starts again, “You can't just change your mind like that!” He looks at Lucinda for support.

Noah looks at the floor. “I tried to tell you, but you wouldn't listen.”

John is shocked enough to go silent.

Lucinda tries to be a voice of reason. Her voice is calm and measured as she speaks to Reid. “Do you work with Noah, is that how you met?”

“Umm no I am out of work at the moment. I've not found a job good enough for my skills.”

“Noah?” Casey says again, a plea in his voice.

“Casey, I'm really sorry. I should of told you sooner.”

“You can't leave me just like that,” Casey says, his voice tortured, “I've known you all my life, wanted you...”

“I love Noah,” Reid says looking at Casey.

“Anybody can say that...” replies Casey.

“But you never did, Case,” says Noah, “never.”
“That's not true! I was always telling you!”

Noah smiles sadly. “I used to say I love you, and your reply was 'same here.' You always did it.” He walks over to Casey and pulls the sliver band off his finger, handing it to him, then he walks to the door that leads upstairs followed by Reid. John goes to follow him but Lucinda stops him and takes him out the back door to all the guests still waiting for answers.

“Don't worry everybody,” says John, greeting the barrage of questions from the assembled guests. “There will be an engagement tomorrow, and we will be toasting the happy couple.”

“John! You heard Noah. They spilt up.” Lucinda can't believe John is trying to pretend nothing has happened.

John glares at Lucinda, “Casey Hughes and Noah Mayer will be engaged soon... in the mean time please enjoy a drink! Or two!”

You hear Ethan click his fingers and the world spins in and out of focus. You find yourself back in the lounge, Casey slumped in the sofa, Luke sitting next to him.

Ethan stage whispers in a sing song voice “Luke and Casey sitting in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G Luke loves Casey! Luke loves Casey!”

Luke tries to put his hand on Casey's shoulder.

“Don't!” Casey flinches away from Luke. Casey sighs, “One minute you're... or you think you're in... then the next it's all... gone.” Casey looks at the floor. “He is the one thing that I love. He's it, my only...”

You can hear Ethan suppressing giggles. “Oh! The irony! Luke loves him and he doesn't have a clue!”

“...and he's just... gone,” continues Casey. “Whatever you had to say, Luke, I appreciate it, but it's not gonna help, it just. It can't.”

“Noah I don't think we should hang around,” says Reid. He's waiting in Noah's room watching Noah's ass which is stuck up in air enticingly as Noah looks for something in his bottom drawer. Reid resists the temptation to causally stand behind him. Noah finds what he was looking for and stuffs it into a bag. He groans softly. It's just awful what he's done to Casey. Reid walks over and takes Noah's hands in his.

“Hey, come here. The hardest part is over now,” says Reid.

Noah pulls Reid in a tight squeeze in his arms. “You better be worth it, Doc!” He has a small smile on his face.

Reid kisses him. “You are so...” Reid starts, but Noah puts his a finger on Reid's lips.

“If you knew how much I wanted you...” says Noah, But Reid interrupts Noah with another kiss.

Luke walks past in the corridor, stopping at the sight of Noah and Reid kissing and coughs to make his presence known. “Remember me?” Luke looks at Noah as he speaks, “Loyal friend and voice of reason?”

“Hi Lewis,” Reid says.

“It's Luke,” says the young man, looking pointedly at Noah. “We need to talk.” Noah nods and joins him in the corridor.

Luke's voice is hushed, meant for Noah's ears alone. “How well do you even know him? And how come you've never mentioned him before?”

“I knew you'd stick up for Casey. I know how fond you are of him,” Noah says.

Luke glares at him. “A bit fonder than you, I'd say, by the looks of things!”

“I'm not doing it to hurt Casey. I'm not, Luke. I'm doing it 'cause I found a guy who I really, really love.”

Reid picks up Noah's bag and follows Noah into the corridor. “Noah, come on.”

Noah looks at Luke's expression. It's full of anger and regret and frustration. “You think I'm making a mistake with Reid don't you?”

“I think your making a terrible mistake.”

“When you find someone you love as much as I love Reid. I hope... Luke, you'll understand, you will.”

“Noah,” Reid says, holding out the bag.

“Where are you going?” asks Luke. The fight in his voice is gone.

“Lakeview. Reid got us a room,” says Noah. He turns to go, then turns back for a moment. “Just be happy for us Luke, please.”

Luke watches Noah and Reid walk down the corridor and down the stairs. Then he looks out the window and sees John and Lucinda talking in the back garden.

“You're not going anywhere. You'll do something you'll regret. Noah just needs time” Lucinda says as John paces back and forth.

John shakes his head, his face red with anger. “Noah needs time,” he says in a mocking sing-song. “Time to run off who knows where with a useless nobody!”

“He's not a tramp, he's just unemployed,” says Lucinda.

“You say that like I should be reassured. Noah doesn't even know him!”

“Noah changed his mind, and running after him like a raging bull is not going to help change it back,” says Lucinda, her voice still calm, almost soothing.

“Who is this Reid who-ever anyway? It's like he... it's like he brain washed our Noah,” says John.

“Maybe he feels confused or pressured? Maybe the man she thought she loved doesn't make her heart sing any more.” Lucinda stared at John right in the eyes, “it does happen.”

“Yes. Well, last time I checked, the heart is an internal organ. The chances of it singing seem very remote, so if you've finished spouting new age drivel, perhaps you can address the matter at hand!” says John, turning his back on Lucinda.

“He didn't feel like he could come to us and talk about it. Don't you think that's what we should be worried about?” Lucinda is staring at the back of John head, boring a hole in it with her gaze as she wills him to turn round and face her. When he doesn't, she goes over to the table with the drinks on it and pours them both large glasses of wine. John seizes the opportunity while her back is turned to escape into the woods.

“Me thinks I hear my parents call!” Ethan says brightly. Then he looks you up and down. “I guess you'll have to come with me. You're human and bound to fall into the pond or out of a tree if I leave on your own. Come on!”

Midsummer Nights Dream


Title: Midsummers Night's Dream
Author: scottiegilles
Rating: ???
Word Count: 1509
Artist: scottiegilles
Disclaimer: no copyright infringement i don't own any of the characters they belong to As the world turns and CBS and story originally Shakespeare.
Beta: Ashavan Doyon huge thanks goes out to him!!!
Summary: The story of Midsummers Night's dream based in Oakdale.

Hermia: Noah Mayer
Lysander: Reid Oliver
Helena: Luke Snyder
Demtius: Casey Hughes
Puck: Ethan Snyder
Oberon: Holden Snyder
Titania: Lily Snyder
Theseus: John Dickson
Hippolitta: Lucinda Walsh

Midsummernight's Dream

The boy looks to be five, sitting in a tree near the edge of Snyder pond, his legs swinging freely. “I have two life lessons for you,” he says, “two gold nuggets from the bank of the Puck, or in your world, that is the mortal world, you can call me Ethan Snyder and think of me as your narrator for this sorry, hilarious tale. Nugget One: Never leave home with out your love juice.” As you look up at his words you can see him pull a small stoppered bottle from behind his ear. “Nugget Two: Things aren't always exactly as they appear to be. Eyes are the window to the soul; now and again we all need a good window cleaner. Now hold still, or I'll have your eye out...”

The boy, this Ethan, this Puck, pulls out the stopper from the bottle and lets one drop of pure crystal liquid, all glittering and perfect, fall into each of your eyes. The world feels cleaner and clearer and the singing of the birds louder and more beautiful than ever. Where before you heard distant mutterings across the pond, now you can hear a man and a woman arguing from the other side of the pond. You see them, two people, but their voices sound right in your ears so loud, so perfectly clear.

“All I know is that this is not my fault!” says the man.

“Oh, you're blaming me, 'cause you're angry! Is that it?” the woman retorts.

“I'm. Not. Angry!” responds the man, biting off each word.

Ethan is next to you. His appearance is sudden, unexpected, and he speaks excitedly. “Oberon and Titania,” he says, “or Holden and Lily in your world--to me mum and dad. King and Queen of the fairies, they are. Dance, Ritual, Magic, Ancient, Danger good old cosmic harmony going on...”

“You are!” Lily continues, her words just short of screams.

“Well, I am now! 'Cause you accuse me of being angry when I'm Not!”

“So it's my fault?!” Lily shouts, her voice escalating.

“We only have four days to save the marriage,” says Holden, “and only me and the Puck to do it!”

“And me?” says the woman, as much a question as a statement.

“Yes,” says Holden, “yes, because you are such a great help.”

“Fine! If I'm no use, do it yourself!” says Lily, stalking off into the woods.

“I didn't mean it that way!” says Holden, his gaze fixed upon her.

“Pity. I did!” And Lily, she kept walking.

“I told you things would look a bit different, didn't I?” Ethan says to you, inexplicably from your other side. “Take me. I look about 5 years old, and you'll never guess how old I really am.” His eyebrows wink at you, daring you to guess as he continues. “This is the our gig: We help couples. Take love lives and put them back on the right track. There are hundreds of us all over the place waiting for you to mess up, have to be, 'cause believe me, you always mess up. Our little band handles a small town called Oakdale. But really we need an army, 'cause this lot are useless!"

"We live at Snyder pond. Lucinda Walsh and John Dixon, they live in the house you see over there,” and Ethan points to the house. You see a a car there out in front, and a blonde boy and a black haired boy climb out of it. “The blonde is called Luke,” Ethan says, “the other Noah. They've been best friends forever. Noah is announcing his engagement to his boyfriend Casey this weekend.” He smiles with a gleam in his eye that seems somehow odd, too worldly for a five year old.

The black haired boy checks his phone looking worried.

“Casey will be driving. He won't be able to check his phone,” says Luke.

“Yeah,” says Noah, “yeah that will be it.” He looks up and then away from Luke.

Your senses spin and you are... elsewhere. “Here's another member of this tale,” Ethan says. “This is Reid. Noah is secretly in love with him, and he's going to fudge up the engagement plans royally. Noah tells his family he doesn't love Casey, he loves Reid! Confused yet?! Don't worry, it gets worse, a whole lot worse!” Ethan smiles his cheeky five year old smile at you. “Let's take another look at the house, shall we...”

You are standing in the kitchen watching John as he practices a speech for the engagement. “Don't worry,” says Ethan, “no one can see us, so just sit back, relax, and watch...”

John is still practices his speech. “Noah and Casey have known each other since Noah moved here, all those years ago,” he says. “I don't know about you, but it already feels like a life time to me. I'd like to welcome you all to this very special occasion.”

Ethan whispers, annoyingly on your other side, again. “okay, here's the deal. Noah moved here five years ago with no family. He met Luke and they quickly became close friends. Luke's grandparents, they treat Noah like a son and Noah, well, he treats them like his parents. He met Casey and as they say the rest is history.” As Ethan finishes, Noah enters though the kitchen door.

“John?” asks Noah. “Is this not a good time?”

“No, it's fine,” says John. He can tell something is wrong. “What's the problem?”

“Well... umm. I don't know how to put this...”

Ethan walks behind Noah and John stares at Ethan who has appeared from no where.

“Are you ok?” Noah asks looking around, but Ethan disappears before Noah sees him.

“Yes, of course I am. It's just the occasion getting to me. I want everything to be just right for you and Casey.”

“Uumm... when you married Lucinda. Did you know? In your heart, did you know?”

Ethan sneaks around the room to stand by the fridge, catching John's gaze and disappearing again before Noah can see him.

Noah follows John's gaze and looks at the fridge “What? John?”

“Sorry,” says John, trying to blink away the sight of the little boy, “you were saying something about Lucinda?”

“I know this is a bit late, but well I sometimes look at Casey and I think that...”

Ethan sits on the counter by the microwave, appearing and disappearing before John's eyes.

“John are you even listening?” asks Noah.

The older man sighs and rubs his eyes. “Sorry, just feeling a little bit tense. maybe later, ok?”

“Yeah, sure.” Noah smiles a sad smile and goes off in search of Luke.

“Get a grip, get a grip,” mutters John to himself.

A couple of hours later at the party on the lawn Lucinda taps her glass for everyone to be quiet. “Thank you everybody for coming,” she says. “My husband would like to share a few words.”

“A few?!” calls out Tom Hughes, one of the guests, “that would be a first!”

“Well, thank you all. Our Noah and this fine young fellow Casey Hughes have known each other quite a while now, ever since Noah moved here all those years ago. I don't know about you, but it already feels like a lifetime. I'd like to welcome you all to this very special occasion. Watching these two grow and flourish over the last five years... and Luke also... you and Noah, you've become like sons to us, and I, that is we, want you to know that we hope to welcome Casey into our family. If I could choose a man to marry Noah, I can think of no one better the one he has chosen, Casey Hughes.”

Everyone applauds in a little polite patter, some of it loud and even a bit rowdy, but all well meant and earnest. Luke looks at Casey mournfully, wishing he could take Noah's place.

“Stop!” the voice is loud and serious. “Stop! Don't do this.” The man Ethan showed you earlier in the wood, Reid, walks up the slope toward the gathering.

“Who the hell is he?” asks John, looking around expectantly for an answer.

“Don't! Stop this now, please.” Reid stops as he gets close, looking directly into Noah's eyes. “Don't do this... I love you!”